Monday, August 21, 2006

Stay-at-Home-Dad Knowledge Base Article #001

Somehow, my household has amassed a small collection of kiddie videos and dvds, worthy of a 4' x 4' glass enclosure at the local county fair in the oddly strange but seemingly curious "collections" section --right next to little Bobby Jones' "OU spongy oversized spirit fingers" collection and the awkwardly tall Samantha Peterson's "Pringle chips that look like farm animals I've raised and slaughterd for my FFA projects" collection.

Predictably, each of my kiddies has circled their wagons around a particular dvd/video for repeated viewing.

And when they're in the zone, they could (potty breaks notwithstanding) and would (if we allowed it) watch their fave video as many times in a row as there are blades of crab grass on my 1/4 acre of supposed bermuda grass lawn.

When "Chicka chicka boom boom" started to show signs of signal loss and video drop out, I knew it wasn't long for the vcr world. And with it, went the source of 7 minutes of joy in the life of my 3-year old.

My solution. I dubbed all of my kids favorite old skool VHS videos onto DVD.

DVD's don't need rewinding.
DVD's will last longer than a VHS copy (rumor has it).

And the topper...DVD's can be set to play over and over and over and over, ad infinitum while you hide in the next room pretending not to be singing along to that incessant music on the DVD.

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