Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stay-at-Home-Dad Knowledge Base Article #002

NOTE - This one comes courtesy of my Mom, to which every respectable Stay-at-Home-Dad owes at least 50% of their success (perceived or otherwise) to.

Little kids love flashlights.

Controlling the darkness and keeping the nasties of the night at bay.

Piercing the pitch black of night with a beam of AAA luminescence.

Fending off the evil of the dayless empire and reinvoke the security that the brighter 12-hours of the 24-hour day offers.

All fine and dandy, but when the kiddies forget to turn the "electrical-salvation-portable-givers-of-light" off, those little alkaline power cells can run a chunk of change to replace on a regular basis.

Thus enter, the crank and wind-up rechargeable flashlights.

In addition to never needing batteries or spare bulbs, these little wonders gives the kiddies something to do during those eternal and infernal lighting strike blackouts.

They'll not only provide light for their Father who is stumbling in the dark in search of a candle and matches, but they'll burn a few dozen calories while providing a mental image of a squirrel on a wheel or Gilligan on his stationery faux-bamboo bicycle.

I love that these gems will provide 45 minutes of cool and calming ultra white led beamage for a relatively miniscule investment of time and effort (60 seconds).

And, if they leave them on, no worries to my debit card.

You're welcome.

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Dave said...

Have you seen the shake flashlights? Seems they've added a crank version called the Dynamo.

They've got an interesting FAQ and several big media endorsements (USA Today named it a best product back in 2002).