Monday, June 25, 2007

Beyond the Haunted Mansion's windows

Growing up in SoCal, trips to Disneyland are such frequent outings that by the time you reach teendom, you start straying off the designated paths and begin exploring the nether regions of the park and it's environs.

More than once my friends and I were busted and threatened with park expulsion by Mickey's Private Army for breaking one of the sacred edits of Disneydom - "Pay no attention to that man behind the green curtain."

One such incident involved sticking my head behind and around a wall facade in the Haunted Mansion. Upon exiting the "hanging corpse elevator" you are ushered down a long hallway, with a thunder and lightning storm raging outside the windows. As a kid growing up in LA, I remember chuckling at the frequency of the lightning strikes illuminating the wall a few feet behind the fake window.

I mean, come on, real lightning storms don't look like least not in LA. But here in Oklahoma however...

Here's a short vidclip I shot the other night during an approaching thunderstorm. It's nothing special here, just another early summer light show in the sky courtesy of this wacky weather pattern that's been plaguing our state since Spring Break.

It's a short clip, but the light show went on like this for a good 20 minutes. I shot it with my trusty old Sony Digital8 using the infrared Nightshot feature.

No sound, music, or effects accompany the vidclip. If you really need some audio to fill the void, imagine the sounds of dozens of tourists excitedly strolling down a Haunted Mansion hallway, gawking at the spooky pictures on the wall and holding tight to their sweetie's sweaty palms.

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Charlotta-love said...

I used to live in Texas and we got those thunder/lightning storms all the time. I thought they were so beautiful. A little scary but beautiful none the less.