Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today I got carded

The stages of "Showing your ID-dom"

My generation was probably the last one to be able to pull off an amateur fake ID job. Computer technology has all but rendered the days of the "exacto-knife / rub-on-letters" driver's license birth date manipulation obsolete. Funny how the prospect of getting "carded" as a pre-legal citizen was such a palm-sweat inducing threat.

You were cocky and relished the moments when barmaids, casino workers, club doormen, and the occasional 7-11 clerk would ask to see your ID.

You're humored when asked to produce your proof of age and genuinely flattered when the waitress at Outback requests it. Your head stays swelled until your wife tells you that the restaurant policy requires everyone ordering alcohol to be carded, regardless of outward appearance.

So-past-legal, you're almost illegal
Now you'll get carded to verify that you do indeed qualify for the Senior Citizen blue plate special. "Gimme back my gol'durn driver's license you young cus and bring me and my wife a couple Arnold Palmer's with no ice."

The State of Oklahoma has found a new reason to ask any and everyone for their ID, witnessed by myself first hand yesterday when I tried to buy a package of Advil Cold and Sinus at the local Walmart pharmacy.Oklahoma was the first state to restrict the availability of pseudoephedrine, a decongestant crucial in making meth, by moving certain non-prescription cold tablets such as Sinutab and Sudafed behind the pharmacy counter. Shoppers in Oklahoma are limited in how many packets of the medication containing pseudoephedrine they can buy at one time and must show ID and sign for the tablets.
Amazing that in the 2+ years I've lived here, that this was the first time I've had to purchase a product containing this meth ingredient.

I need brake fluid. Guess I should have my ID ready for the clerk at Napa as well.

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Patience said...

I never get carded. No question about being over 21. And I will never ask for a Senior Discount! (Unless it's really a good discount, like a free airline ticket or something. That admission is so not worth the 10% off!)