Friday, June 01, 2007

To say, or not to say, that is the question

Let's end this week with two quotes of note that may, or may not, illicit a chuckle.

The first, uttered by PK when she woke up from being gassed for her surgery to fix her broken arm. The nurse asked her how she was feeling, if she wanted to throw up...typical post-op questions. It was when I asked her what the gas mask smelled like that she uttered..."It smelled like feet."It was nice to see the nursing staff bust a gut so heartily after hearing that.

Next, an acquaintance of my wife's in the film biz who was supposed to arrive in OKC was several hours late for his morning production meeting scheduled for today.

His delay was caused by the confusion surrounding the confiscation of his luggage, the detainment of his person, and the checking of his background - which included a call to my wife as a point of contact at his planned destination - by a dedicated Homeland Security Agent at his departing airport.

When asked by the Airline Ticket Agent what he was flying to OKC for, he innocently answered in Hollywood-speak.."I'm going there to shoot a pilot."

Bet he makes the evening news.


Patience said...

I hope he waits 'til he lands the plane!

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