Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bass Pro flyer outtakes

Taken from the pages of a recent sales flyer delivered to our door courtesy of the nice folks at Bass Pro Shops...

A nice attempt to get me to shell out some big bucks (or at least apply for Bass Pro Shops credit card) and buy a boat. But look carefully and the comedy will reveal itself...

Let's play,, "who doesn't belong in this picture?" Hmm. Nice looking tanned and toned fellow in the back. Good hair, pretty boy face. Pretty lady next to him, nice body, good tan, good hair, great smile. Up front sits an attractively tanned and coiffed young lass as well.

It's the driver who bugs me. I know it's for safety reasons (may even be the law), but he's the only one wearing a life jacket, is pastie white in complexion, not toned, not tanned, borderline geeky, and definitely an outsider to this snapshot of lakeland pleasure.

And now, let's scroll back up and examine the happy family enjoying some frolicking fishing fun in the top photo of the flyer. Everyone seems to be having fun, but something struck me odd about little Junior at the back of the boat.

"Take that, ya darn fish."

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