Monday, May 15, 2006


S started seeing her Grandmother's items posted on eBay by her relatives last week.

I don't know how she figured out that her relatives were starting to auction off her Grandmother's stuff, but somehow she did and ended up adding many items on her "Watch List."

While eBay is the perfect place to make a few bucks on stuff your Grandmother left to you, or stuff that you "claimed" you wanted after Grandma died, it's pretty pathetic to get caught doing so.

My wife is not a confrontational person by nature, so she quietly bid on a few items to get them back.
Pretty sad.

The majority of the family was relatively decent and courteous with the divying up of Grandma's stuff. It appears to be the small "trailer park contingency" that was causing the most trouble. Nothing against people who live in trailer parks, mind you. Some of my best friends live in trailer parks....okay, that's a lie. But I'm sure trailer park living has it's own benefits.

The garage sale to sell whatever was left of my wife's Grandmother's belongings after the vultures -- um, I mean relatives descended like locusts -- um, I mean claimed their momentos, took place a few weeks ago.

The one collection that not one familly member claimed as their own, was Grandma's collection of plastic container lids.

Margarine containers.
Cottage cheese containers.
Spreadable honey containers.
Egg salad containers.
Potato salad containers.
Tupperware tops to long gone containers (the lids always outlast the containers).

Lids of every shape, form, color and design, that all formed one function.
They kept a lid on things.

In contrast, when we cleaned out the kitchen cabinets in my Gram's house, we found dozens of sushi-to-go foil trays, plastic yogurt lids, and about a thousand of those little green pieces of plastic cut and shaped like a sprig of grass that you get when buying made-to-go sushi.

Must be a Grandma thing.

About Grandma's lid collection...

No, S didn't take them home.
Yes, they sold at the garage sale. $5 for the entire 18-gallon bin full.
No, the 18-gallon bid didn't have a lid.

How's that for irony.

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