Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Harder than it looks

I'm not going to say much here, since I can't draw a straight line to save my life, and I know this must be a harder job than it looks. All I can think of is that ODOT must use the back country roads to train their new line painters.


California K said...

Well at least they didn't do some of the things I have seen in some pictures like a painted stripe over roadkill (now did that crow just eat the line?), or paint a stop on the pavement as sotp, or paint an arrow so badly that it looks like a 2 year old could paint it better (bumps, splatters, 3" lines or paint).

From what I have seen of subcontractors that do striping...they aren't the brightest or best at doing their job.

I liked how it looks like the guys doing that road started and stopped and backed up and tried again and again and again with the overlapping lines.

OKDad said...

re: "...again and again and again..."

I didn't notice that until you mentioned it. Good catch. I chuckled just thinking about it and the down home profanity being uttered by the line painter with every new attempt.

BTW, did you check out that big sky?
BTW, did you check out that straight road, just beggin' the 16-year old inside of me to make a run.
BTW, did you notice how bad the traffic was?

Dave said...

When I lived in rural north NC and southeast VA, it was quite common for roads such as this one to have no lines at all or at best a dashed white line (which at speed is less likely to exhibit the slalom like characteristics that are visible here).

Even here in the semi-rural parts of Ventura County, we don't have too many double yellow lines unless the road runs around a corner.

Any idea what purpose it serves to have this wonderful straight road and no ability to pass? We've got a tiny chunk of road (with curves) in town in between 25 MPH zones and no real posted limit that I like to take at about 80. This just screams for finding the triple digit mark and winding it back down before the houses a mile or so away.

friend-jl said...

i have been working for riverside public works now for 4 months. what is a micropaver?