Monday, May 01, 2006

Pew-wee vs. Pee-yew

My wife claims to have grown up saying "pew-wee" whenever her or any member of her familly ran afoul of a foul odor.

I told her recently that until I met her, that expression hadn't been a part of my vocabulary vernaculer. Instead, we always said, "pee-yew." She didn't and couldn't believe it.

Course, my overly educated and walking-thesaurus Mother, would never use slang if she could avoid it. Her phrase when confronted by odiferous odors was, "oooh, stink!" Sometimes a smell would be so egregious to her senses that it would make her speak the dreaded J-word for such things, muttering "Kusai!" beneath a covered nose.

C prefers "pew-wee." She's a momma's girl. PK copies her. Course, since my teen years, my one and only phrase that covers this situation, and many others has been a simple, "duuude."

So will the "pee-yew" varaint of my youth become extinct in my family unit's lexicon of linguistics?

Pee-yew vs. Pew-wee -- what's it gonna be?


gawfer said...

PEE-YEW for me and Carl, another one of Jake's friends

friend-jl said...

whoever smelt-it, dealt-it

P said...

Its Pew-wee for me mate but iv lived all over england so not sure where i originally got it from!!