Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Why I'm afraid to drive at night

Back in LA, I loved to drive at night.

Windows down, sunroof open.
Elbow resting steady on the side.
Cooler air temps chilling your brain.
FM blaring tunage.
Traffic is light.
Reflections of oncoming headlights performing unknown balletic movements on my windshield.
The glow of the millions of lights in the city illuminating the night sky for miles and miles.

The only time I would be afraid to drive at night is when I was with my family, and we had to pass through some questionable areas of the city.

Having a reliable car helped.
Having grown up in So Cal and knowing where to avoid at night helped.
Having a cell phone so I could instantly call 911 helped.
Packing some heat helped (kidding).

But driving out here at night, on the lonely deserted country roads, with spotty cell phone coverage and miles between farmhouses, generates a primordial ooze type of fear in me, much different than anything my past experiences of driving in the city has prepared me for.

This particular scenario scares me to the core...

If it were up to me, all cows would be genetically engineered to produce a leather that displays the same qualities as highly reflective paint. Bet they'll taste better too.

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