Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer heat heaven in 40 flavors

My small town is fortunate to have what I call a "Snowcone Shack."

Put enough miles on your car driving around this state and you'll see a variant of these little family run crunched ice eateries on just about every Main Street in just about every small town in Oklahoma.

I think ours is one of the classier establishments of this summer seasonal cool treat industry. It has an actual cement foundation, a roof, sealed sliding service window, wall mounted A/C unit (no one likes to buy a snow cone from a sweaty snow cone maker), city power (those gas generators are pretty loud), and a menu board that is printed instead of handwritten by the owner's 4th grade remedial speller.

Others I've spotted in various small towns near and far included the following:
  • A converted 5th wheel travel trailer that was parked on cement blocks
  • A recently retired SWAT van with 3 flat tires, painted white and permanently positioned at the edge of a WalMart parking lot
  • A long abandoned Fotomat shack (remember those?)
  • A Tuff Shed tool shed, that appeared to have been dragged 115 miles from someones backyard to it's present location.
  • The owner's of our local artificially flavored pummeled frozen water shack offer such flavors as Malibu Barbie (pink and blue bubble gum), Spiderman (black cherry and strawberry), and Hawaiian Eye (coconut/pineapple with a black cherry center), along with the classical (strawberry, lime, watermelon, and rainbow) and modern (Fuzzy Navel, Pina Colada, Margarita) flavors, for a complete tongue-color changing menu.

    They also included a flavor which was obviously named after their daughter, Caster (Vanilla and Strawberry Cheesecake).

    Wonder if they had had a son, would they have named him Camber...or Toe-In.

    Sorry, car guy inside joke. Move along.


    Patience said...

    Wow! You guys really have an e-leet snocone stand!! I wanna come live in your town!!

    Actually my husband will stop at all snocone stands and buy the biggest one they got! In rainbow colors!

    There is a permanent [permanent in the summer anyway] stand a little ways from here, very similar to what you have. Our own little piece of snocone heaven!!

    Anonymous said...

    I've read your blog for quite a while but just had to finally comment. I am a small town OK girl (transplanted to MI, still an Oklahoman at heart) and I had to laugh at your list of musts for the towns. You have it down to a T - especially the abandoned FotoHut. Thanks for the laugh - and the memories!