Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A 5-year old figures it out

We bought the school lunches for C for the first semester. Just to see how it goes. The prices were reasonable (even by OK standards), we got to sample the menu selections (see blog posting Open House), and her being new in town/school, we didn't want her to be only brown bagger in her class. At least for now.

She's been enjoying the well-rounded, government approved, surprisingly low on fried foods, but seemingly carb-heavy school lunches.

Get ready to drool...

Today's meal was:
Mini Corn Dogs
Macaroni & Cheese
Green Peas
Afterschool C asked me if she could bring lunch tomorrow. I asked why.
She told me that any kid who finishes their lunch gets a sticker, and that she hasn't gotten a sticker because the lunch is too big and she can never finish it off. So, if she brought a lunch that she could finish, she'd gobble it down, and get the sticker.

Hmm. Rewarding a kid for cleaning off their plate. Sounded to me and S a little like obesity training circa 1950 or so.

Are there really anymore starving kids in China who would love to have my lima beans?

However, I couldn't argue with her logic and desire to acquire the overeaters anonymous reward sticker.

I promised to make her a lunch later this week that she could eat in it's entirety. She had already decided on the contents:a diagonally cut pb and j on whole grain bread
a string cheese stick
juce box
orange wedges.
Tomorrow however, I'll fork over a special SpongeBob Squarepants sticker that I've been keeping for myself. It was destined to adorn one of my peechee folders, but such are the sacrifices of parenthood.

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