Thursday, August 11, 2005

Now that's handy

We have a cute, little, barely-more-than-a-TG&Y WalMart store in our small town. It's old, the aisles are narrow, the employees are all local, and it's been more than handy to have on more than one occasion.

In an effort to fulfill it's corporate mandate of being a true one-stop shop, WalMart Supercenters were introduced to America, the nearest one to us being a good 45 minute drive away. Ours, like many others, has a mini-McDonald's built right into the main entry foyer -- smelling those golden fries both coming and going.

I was in line at a WalMart Supercenter the other day and noticed that you can order and pay for McDonald's food items right there in the checkout line.

There's a mini-menu board, just below the lighted checkstand number indicator, complete with pictures of Value meals, Happy Meals, drinks and desserts.

Scan your groceries, order some food, take your ticket to the mini-McD's and you've contributed to two large, great American corporations with a single swipe of your ATM/Check card.


Matt Deatherage said...

The closest Wal-Mart SuperCenter to you, I suspect, is also the closest one to me, and despite the slow estimates in Google Maps, I think it's about 30 minutes away from you.

It's smaller than the one in NW OKC, though - you can't order McD food at the checkout lines. They even took out the McD in the back of the store since there's a real one just in front of the parking lot (and it was there first).

Oh, and they lock the north doors from 10PM to 6AM or 8AM, just so you know.

Tammy Wilson said...

I'm suspicious that it's the same Supercenter in my town :).