Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Kill a mouse, save a tree

S found what she deduced to be a relatively fresh mouse poop in the attic, so off to the store I went to buy some critter catchers.

Package of 4 for a buck and two bits plus tax and I was in hunter/killer mode.

A spoonful of peanut butter for bait, and my mouse neck snapping playground was open for business.

Found this written on the back of a mouse trap wrapper. Made me chuckle to think that the mouse trap manufacturers were trying to appease the tree huggers. Guess they thought better of trying to appease PETA.

-click on pic to enlarge-

Stay tuned for the run down on my pest poach.


-M. said...

I remember growing up being the one that has to deal with the rat traps (about 3x the size of mouse traps). The rat traps kept disappearing until I figured out that I had to screw them down in the attic. I finally caught one of the culprits and got one of the missing traps back. (it was still stuck to his leg.)

OKDad said...

Now that's why I kinda like rats. Their size and "damn the torpedoes" attitude ranks them higher on my list of pests I'd like to hesitently kill.

The conversations that rat must have had with the other rats -- trap in tow, is the stuff of a Far Side comic.