Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Open house

Went to C's new school for the Open House/Meet the Teacher event.

Our small town has one public elementary school, grades Pre-K to 4th.

There are two Pre-K (AM and PM sessions), five Kindergarden, five 1st grade, four second, third and fourth grade classes. I noticed that each class has an average of 16 - 18 students and looked pretty evenly divided according to gender.

Highlight was meeting her first real school teacher (sturdy looking woman), checking out the classroom (such tiny chairs) and sampling the dizzying array of culinary delights from food vendors competing for the school breakfast and lunch program.

I was astounded how many vendors showed up and the decent quality of samples we were offered. My grade school lunch menu never had lasagna with meat sauce, vegetarian enchiladas, and your choice of chicken, turkey, or all beef corn dogs.

We snarfed for an hour before realizing we were no longer hungry (it was dinner time) and only needed that final visit to the Hostess table for a Ding Dong to satisfy our "craving-something-sweet" palate.

Weird being back in a school.
Even weirder being back in a school that my kid is going to.
Weirder yet was seeing one of these in the hallway...

Tell me that doesn't bring back memories of grade school.

Pencils with your schools name engraved in gold lettering on the shaft...priceless.

Well, maybe not priceless. More like $.25.

Of course I bought one..I have just as much school spirit as the next stay-at-home-Dad.

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