Thursday, August 04, 2005

Freak late summer t-storm

Thought we'd wait out this sudden thunderstorm that erupted over our town a few hours ago, by swimming at the community pool.

Got the girls ready, got my trunks on, loaded them up and made the 4 block drive over in the rain.

The sign on the pool facility stated, Pool closed due to bad weather.

Bad weather.

The pool is indoors.

Does the "getting out of the pool during a lightning storm" rule still apply to indoor pools? Should we stay out of our bathtubs as well?

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Anonymous said...


Stay away from plumbing pipes (bath tub, shower). Lightning has the ability to strike a house or near a house and impart an electrical charge to the metal pipes used for plumbing. This threat is not as great as it used to be, because PVC is often used for indoor plumbing these days. If you are not sure what your pipes are made of, wait it out.