Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blue and Gold

No, I'm not going to talk about my grad school alma mater (whose school colors are blue and gold and whose football team is 2 - 0, but not for much longer).

This blog entry is about sausage for sale.

Apparently, at only one time during the year, non-card carrying members of PETA can buy sausages and other animal products from a smiling FFA member. Future Farmers of America, to you and me.

Why blue and gold sausage?

Those happen to be the "flag" of what is an amazingly large group of agricultural gang bangers out here in America's Heartland.

I know, I know, FFA is everywhere, even in So Cal. But as I recall, the FFA kids who were showing their livestock at the most recent LA County Fair I attended, looked more like Fergie donning her London Bridge gear. A far cry from these FFA'ers posing with their beloved sausages in this recent newspaper clipping from our local paper.

C'mon. If you're going to clog your arteries and summon congestive heart failure at a rapid rate, why not do so with some pork products culled from the finest of the fine, bestest of the best livestock that the farmers of our future took home the blue ribbons for.

Put me down for several sausage logs and a couple pounds of bacon, please.


WarWagon said...

Ahhhh, Blue & Gold time! It's like Christmas and Fourth of July rolled into one!

OKDad said...

Spoken (written?) like a true agri-citizen who holds the blue and gold sausage tradition near and dear to their heart.

Dave said...

Somewhat related... has anyone pointed out to you the recent silly advertisement for the Los Angelas County Fair that ran here?

It was just a tad too close to the truth.

OKDad said...

That was too funny...even made me kinda homesick. Kinda.