Sunday, September 17, 2006

A small town county fair...Part Deux

More pictures and musings from our recent small town county fair...

Yes, the gun collage is exciting, as is the horse collage, the batik tee-shirts, and the Peterbilt drawing. But check out the cubist face painting in the lower right hand side of the picture.
Inspired me to get nude and descend a staircase.

That's my hand holding a handful of wheat. I've never felt closer to the land than at that moment.
Made me hungry for a pimento cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread.

Day old pie never looked so good. Is there anything better than a homemade pie crust with enough butter to make a milk cow moo with delight?
Gave me a hankering for a hot cup of joe drunk from a thick, white, ceramic mug.

Nothing against the selection at our local grocery store, but these 4H kiddies grew some kick a*s looking veggies.
Enticed the closet vegetarian in me to forego that SlimJim that was sitting on my ear as a snack for later.

The last time I sewed was when I used a roll of duct tape to put the hem up on a pair of slacks I needed for a job interview. Wonder if they have a sewing category for non-needle and thread construction?
Reminded me that I had to sew on a button onto one of PK's dresses.

In conclusion...
C won a red ribbon (2nd prize) for her acrylic on canvas entry.

She was disappointed in not getting either a blue ribbon, or the purple Grand Champion ribbon. She vowed to enter many more paintings next year to assure her a better chance at that coveted purple ribbon.

Donations for canvas and paint expenses will be gladly accepted.

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