Sunday, September 24, 2006

Digging for crystals in the salty mud

A few weekends ago our family went on a road trip to points unknown (at least to us) in search of selenite crystals.

The great expanse known as the Great Salt Plains in NW Oklahoma was where we got our dig on and ended up hunting the unique to Oklahoma hourglass crystals.

C has inherited my wife's utter fascination for digging up buried treasures of any kind, so off they went to find an area undug by human hands, hoping to find larger and higher quality crystals. They ended up with a mason jar full of them in all shapes, conditions and sizes.

I stayed behind with the picnic blanket and observed my 3-year old's passion for sitting in holes dug by other rock hounds that were filled with muddy water.

The weather was warm, but not hot. The breeze was welcoming and cooling. The doting clouds would hang around long enough to provide shade from the sun in long intervals. The other families around us were pleasant and enthusiastic and there was an unusual absence of flying insects. Hard to imagine an outdoor picnic in Oklahoma without the requisite flies invading your turf, but there we were and there they weren't. Flies don't like salt, I imagine.

It took almost 6 pint bottles of Ozarka water that we keep in the trunk of the car to get all the mud off of PK. But clean she was as she settled into her car seat for the drive home.

BTW, further research into the holistic properties on selenite crystals turned up the following:SELENITE is a form of Gypsum which is a great companion stone for those who are in pursuit of "material gains" especially in the business realm. Selenite is also a wonderful tool for those who are seeking access to past or present lives in order to better understand the "lessons" in their lives.To quote Carl Spackler from Caddyshack..."so I got that going for me...which is nice."


Anonymous said...

Our first time out there we tried to find a place to wash the salt off our car. We were sad to be told "There is no car wash in Jet, America."

OKDad said...

Yes, but do they have a "jet wash?"