Thursday, June 23, 2005

Chihuly Exhibit

Took my visiting Mom to see some class and culture not offered in my small town.

Trekked over to the OKCMOA to peruse the amazing glass artwork of Dale Chihuly, including the jaw dropping 55-foot tower.

Truth be told, this Chihuly guy is whacked, but makes awe inspiring glass works of art.

Oh, and he wears an eyepatch.

Don't think it's for looks. Industrial accident. My guess is, oh, I don't know, got a piece of glass in his eye?

Truth be told, the museum would be pretty pathetic without the Chihuly exhibit. Did have on loan some Japanese wood block prints and some kimonos from the 20th century. Tried to take some pics but was stopped by the docent nazi. Guess I should learn to read the posted signs.

Lunched at a noodle shop downtown. Refreshing to see chopsticks being used properly out here in red-meat and spuds land.

Truth be told, I don't even use chopsticks correctly. Works for me though, so I can't criticize anyone else.

S uses them correctly and is quite adept at them, but she holds her fork in a weird way.

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