Monday, June 20, 2005

C's tornado basket

So, what does a 5-year old want to take to the cellar in her "tornado basket"?

  • Three dvd's - Garfield, the Movie, The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, and Princess Sing-Along-Songs
  • Her coin purse with all her mad money in cash.
  • Laserpointer flashlight
  • Wonder Woman Pez dispenser (no candy left however, so it's just for decoration)
  • Dog (stuffed)

  • Amazing how her basket's contents are nearly idential to mine, with the exception of the DVD titles -- I just added the entire 1st (and only) season of The Lone Gunmen TV series set that my brother gave me for Father's Day.

    Also, my coin purse is empty yet my Pez head is almost full...

    What's in your tornado basket?


    Elvis McFatPants said...

    Tornadoes? My scorpion problem seems much smaller in comparason

    a poisonous bark scorpion does not compare with an F5 "finger of god"

    OKDad said...

    Scorpion Sandwich...that is brilliant!

    What about a mongoose? Fast enough to kill a cobra, surely they could get a scorpion or two.

    Scorpions...sheesh. Who knew?

    Myself? Not much makes me squirm, but we have a lot of ticks out here, which just the thought of gives me the heebyjeebies.

    How is old Sterling anyway? Loved that dog of yours.

    Elvis McFatPants said...


    I have some really bad news.

    Sterling is no longer with us.

    About two years ago Sterling began to suffer from spinal degeneration. He passed away on March 15, 2005.

    He was a really great dog, fantastic friend and family member.

    Elvis McFatPants said...

    Mongoose?...not a bad idea, but not holistic as far as the other pets in the house are concerned :-)

    From a recent post on the blog:

    Monday, June 20, 2005
    Things that Kill Scorpions
    Here is a list of Things that kill scorpions but still would not mesh with our family life.

    Chickens – The dog and cat would have a field day with the chickens and there would be chicken scat all over the house.

    Geese – Same issue as with the chickens.

    Peacocks – The peacock would terrorize the cat and the dog. Have you heard one of these things go off? They howl like they are trying to mate with a car alarm.

    Screech owls – I’ll check with Petco and see if they have any in.

    Meerkats – Again not a easy animal to obtain.

    Roadrunner – Not enough room in the house to runaround plus would be annoyed by the constant “meep meep.”

    Whiptale lizard – Would be consumed by the existing animals as soon as it hit the floor.

    Woodpeckers – Too noisy and they’d make too many holes in the walls.

    Bats – Yeah right…I’d have a house like the Adams Family.