Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lake doins' Part 2

I caught a glimpse of C as a speed demon teenager while at the lake.

At 5 1/2, she is a seasoned seadoo-er.

She can start it up, get it going, steers it around boats, stumps, turtles, and the occasional downed water skier.

Her hands are still a little too small to sqeeze the throttle control to maximum -- which is a good thing. Generally she tends to keep it under 35 knots.

But the seadoo my in-laws own is a 90 horsepower model (my Civic has 85 hp!), and if C were on it alone, I doubt she'd be able to hang onto it at maximum speed (50 knots or so).

I'm not all that crazy about personal watercraft. Too much like riding a motorcycle for me -- no doors between you and the pavement/water. Heck, I'm not even that crazy about convertibles.

C, on the other hand, has stated on several occasions that "all cars should be like our Corvette where the top comes off."

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