Thursday, June 02, 2005

They call me Ming

The other day, after C's Circus performance and final day of school, S was talking to a fellow student's mother.

The conversation eventually led to the class field trip last month to the Oklahoma City Zoo.
"Your husband was really a trooper at the field trip. Anytime something would be going on, there was Ming right in the middle of it..."???

Ming. Ming?

When did I become a fellow named Ming? Ming doesn't even sound like my real name.

Not even close.

Okay, we share the same amount of letters.

S and I had a good giggle pondering how that name somehow became associated with me, and if we allowed it to continue, how it would spread throughout our small town.

So if anyone ever visits, and someone says "Hey Ming" while you're in my presence, just play along.

Ming will live and thrive in my small town.


Elvis McFatPants said...

Not sure whether to laugh and get angry. I just think so much more of you to ever associate a nickname that that for's not even Japanese. Something inside of me says that it's kind of ignorant yet at the same time realize that most nicknames are. If it were me? I'd embrace it...after all, there was a Ming Dynasty. :-)

OKDad said...

Big Ed...great to hear from my old mentor and teacher of all things Tech Support / Life after film biz / Malamute ownership.

Googled "Ming" and found the following entries:

- C library for generating SWF ("Flash") format movies

- Cool TV chef with his own Food Network Show

- Middle name for that tall, Chinese, Basketball player guy

- Flash Gordon's evil nemesis

So, I'm in good company.