Monday, June 06, 2005

Teen Drivers = Menace: Part 2

S was perusing our local paper this weekend and took notice of a listing in the ever popular police blotter.

Last week, just a few blocks away from where S had her accident, a woman in her 40's with an SUV full of kids, was hit by a 17-year old kid in a pickup truck.

What caught our attention was that the woman (she's named in the blotter entry) is the same one who stopped to render assistance to S and the girls when they had their run-in with a 16-year old pickup truck driver a few months ago.

Immediately after the accident, she stopped, asked if they needed medical aid, and offered to let the girls hang out in her SUV for shelter and warmth (it was night and around 40 degrees at the time). Her kids kept the girls company while S took care of the accident carnage and police report.

She even stopped by the next day to see how everyone was doing and offered her SUV to S if she needed to take the girls anywhere.

Yes, people like this do exist, until some teenage-pickup-truck-driving-menace takes them out.

Happily, the blotter entry states that the estimated damage to the SUV was $100 while the pickup truck sustained an estimated $2500 in damage.

Geesh, that must have been one tough SUV.

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