Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Video job I won't be applying for

S saw this notice for a state videographer/photographer position and sent it along to me.

Summary of Job Duties:
Under the direct supervision of the Information Supervisor, the position is responsible for performing a variety of communication functions, including shooting/editing broadcast quality video; writing copy for scripts, news releases and magazine articles.  Perform basic desktop publishing for newsletters and other publications, and collect still photographs for Outdoor Oklahoma magazine and other internal and external publications.
Pretty standard stuff. Video and DTP work for their state run outdoor oriented tv show and magazine, newsletters, etc.

Must be flexible enough to work extended hours, weekends and work outdoors in extreme weather.  May be required to stay overnight out of town.
Extreme weather? You mean like, 80 mph winds, 100 degree/100% humidity temps, tornado-infested conditions?

Must be able to operate standard/automatic transmission vehicles, including ATVs, and operate vehicles with a trailer attached, including boat trailers.  Must be able to lift and carry a minimum of 50 pounds for a distance of 100 yards, lift, carry and use resource trunks, boxes of educational material, display cases, signs, cages, audio-visual and photographic equipment. 
ATVs are good, but I'm no good at backing up a boat trailer. Friend of mine who bought a boat took the trailer out to his local Target parking lot early one morning to practice. Good idea.

Here's where it gets good...
Requires the ability to handle wild animals in live and dead condition, walk or jog over rough terrain for extended periods and swim. 
Um...pass, thanks.

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