Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sonic Drive-In's

Here in my small town we're fortunate enough to be big enough to have a Sonic Drive-In.

It's a chain, that acts like a good old-fashion drive-in, fast food, hang out. Pull up into a stall, peruse the menu, push a button, spew your order into a squak box, and in a few minutes a cherubic Sonic employee carrys your order out to your car on a red tray.

On good days, you may even get your food delivered via a roller blading high schooler.

I'd say it was just like the good old days, but since I wasn't around for the good old days, I'll have to just assume it was like the good old days.

Just one time I want pull up and replay a scene from one of the best films of all time, American Graffiti and order the following:

"I'll have a double Chubby Chuck, a Mexicali Chili Barb, two orders of French fries and two cherry cokes."

Course I'd need to be in a white 1958 Chevy Impala Sport Coupe, with a 327 Chevy, 6 Strombergs, Duntov cam, and a bitchen tuck and roll interior, sitting next to a bottle-blonde booze-luvin' girl named Debbie.

Think a 10-year old black civic and my two daughters will suffice?


Anonymous said...

Here's a picture of a Sonic Drive In. A great place to eat and hang out.

OKDad said...

Ours is a little smaller than the one in the picture -- that one must be in a town of 5,000+ people -- big time!

We only have one picnic type table for "out of your car dining."

BTW, there is usually a "cool" and "uncool" sides of the drive-in to hang out in. I'm not sure which side is which at ours. Guess I need to ask some "cool" teeny-boppers which side is which -- then be sure to park my family truckster as far into the uncool side as possible.