Saturday, June 04, 2005

PiOK vs. PiLA

Today was my first taste of production in Oklahoma in awhile.
Actually, it was my first taste of production anywhere in awhile.

The tv program that S works for was shorthanded a video cameraperson this weekend, so she asked if I could fill it. I confidently accepted.

Now I'm guessing she regrets doing so as I've seem to have forgotten a few basics of talking head interview camera work...such as headroom, lighting, and mic levels among other things.

The rest of the footage is decent, but the interview section will have to be saved in post. Good thing her show has competent editors.

Anyhow, the entire day reminded me of how relatively painless / painful production of any kind can be.

Painless in Oklahoma (PiOK) / Painful in Los Angeles (PiLA)

PiOK - We parked our production van, in a loading zone, in downtown OKC for over an hour, fully loaded with our equipment, and not one homeless person urinated on our tires, not one cop cited us for illegally parking, and not one shady character peered into our windows.

PiLA - None of this would happen in LA, since you'd need a permit to park your production van in a loading zone, and even with a permit, you'd be towed after 15 minutes.

PiOK - We arrived at the location and were given preferential parking to facilitate ease in unloading our equipment.

PiLA - Production vehicles are usually assigned parking spaces which are typically far enough away from the location that you need to take the production shuttle to and from the set.

PiOK - Not once did someone ask us for our shooting permit, insurance vendor information, proof of insurace certificate and proof of $1,000,000 liability insurance coverage. Nor did anyone have their hand out to pay for the "inconvenience" of shutting off their lawn mower.

PiLA - $20 is usually enough to make a neighbor shut off his lawn mower, but don't even bother asking a kid in a low rider to turn down his stereo. In addition to the harsh stare you'll get, you may have just painted a target on your back.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

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