Thursday, July 21, 2005

Acres and acres of free parking

I just realized that it had been some time since I looked for a parking space.

That includes curb parking in front of local businesses, lot parking at a mall or shopping center, ATM parking at my bank, angled curb parking at our doctor's office, street parking in front of my house - or anyone else's house, come to think of it.

I used to take pride and actually find some joy and self-worth in being able to cruise a parking lot and through no other skills than my will to succeed, find an open spot, or someone just leaving.

Sad to say, I actually kinda miss that.

Guess I just have to find something else to replace that mad-rush feeling and espresso ego boost.

I don't know, maybe I just need to kill more flies.

On a related note, we all know how great it feels to finally get to the front of a long line -- one which you've been standing in long enough to appreciate the invention of the padded shoe sole.

Now wait...I'm not talking about the relief you feel when you are actually "up to bat." No sir, I'm talking about being NEXT up to bat. First in line, baby. Ready to git and go, doggie. Numero Uno, top of the heap, king of the hill, A numba 1.
You've made it through the roughest part of the line and now stand at the threshold of completing your mission. There's a genuine rush that develops from the sense of accomplishment you feel for doggedly sticking it out.

Not to mention the sense of self-worth you experience in knowing all those behind you are envying your position of power, demonstrated by the straightened posture, jutted out chest, chin up position your body assumes while being admired by all those inferior folk behind you.


I haven't stood in a long line since I moved here.

Not at the bank, not at the post office, not at the WalMart, not at the movie theatre. One people, maybe two deep on a bad day. Lines that short don't even give you a chance to gather your thoughts, let alone have your money ready, or ponder the front pages of the Weekly World News and National Enquirer.

Okay, I was 3 cars back at a Sonic Drive-Up window, but it was 102 degrees at 10 in the morning, and everyone in town was getting a cherry-limeade slush that day.

Lines and parking. Parking and lines. No matter what order you put them in, they CAN be missed.


Anonymous said...

what would college (JC) have been like without the parking woes...sitting there waiting in line and getting backed in to. Ahh if the colleges don't have parking problems then students wouldn't learn how to be patient!

Elvis McFatPants said...

There is something that is simple and good about going to Sonic on a hot day though. It is one of the guilty pleasures that our family have learned to enjoy here in Phoenix. A Cherry Lime slushie on a hot day (and there are a lot of those here) can make the day just a little more enjoyable.

We don't have quite the wait, but it would be worth it.