Friday, July 08, 2005

Fly hunting

Back in So Cal, we had flies.

But not like here.

I moved our trash cans far away from the house, and try to keep our trash cans inside emptied as often as possible. The windows are double-paned, so no getting in there, and I am ever vigilent when anyone leaves the house via front or side door.

Still, the little buggers make it inside the hallowed grounds of the inner sanctum of my home. May be getting in through one of many little cracks and holes that populate our 100-year old home.

Yesterday I killed 5 of them.


I think I may have killed 5 flies in an entire year back in So Cal.

Daily total here.

After much experience, I've decided that my previous technique of waiting for the fly to land and get settled, while I take my time to set up the perfectly aimed killing swat is not effective on my small town's fly population.

Basically, I've seen more success in just whacking away whever the winged menaces come close to landing. They don't seem to wait around very long and are quick decision makers on where their next landig point wil be.

So, when killing flies here, you snooze, you lose. Swat with abandon.

I won't complain too loud however, since my friend in Chandler, AZ is having issues with scorpions.


Elvis McFatPants said...

I would definitely take flies over scorpions any day...unless you suffer the plague of Moses and are just covered in them. Killing them would be somewhat of a stress relief. You should make a low grade mini Jacob's Ladder. Sneak up on them slow - Then ZAP!

Anonymous said...

It was the smog I tell ya that killed them all! Didn't ya see all them flies when ya came up here to Nor Cal....just before the first rain of the season as they gather you can start a swatting and never look back cause you can find the next one to swat just an inch away 500 an hour....and then you have to rest.