Saturday, July 30, 2005

Gun Show for Toddlers

Took in a car show at the OKC fairgrounds today with PK. Didn't take C, since she is at the age where looking at old muscle cars and hot rods bore her. Sigh.

The car show was held inside two large air-conditioned buildings -- which I appreciated very much as the outside temps rose to the mid-90's. PK loves car shows, enjoys the brightly painted metal and fiberglass, and even tugs at my hand to go over and see any car that is rumbling in idle.

After an hour or so, we were getting ready to head home, when I was told by the Security Guard at the exit, that I could get free admission to the Gun Show in an adjacent building, since I had bought a ticket to the car show.

Well, free is free, and since it had been 30 or so years since I had been to a gun show, I thought, what better place to take my 2.5 year old daughter.

One person that we followed into the foyer (we weren't even IN the gun show building yet) had a rifle slung over his shoulder as casually as if it were a backpack. I thought to myself, is he a Seller or a returning buyer -- or perhaps he's a disgruntled buyer about to "return" his purchase with extreme prejudice?

The geriatric security guard put my mind at ease as he carefully checked my hand for the required car show stamp.
HE was unarmed.

Several feet down the first aisle, a man was showing his pre-pubescent son how to dissasemble a semi-automatic handgun of some sort. The wife/mother stood nearby, fondling a Sonic drink in one hand while eyeing my daughter with a raised eyebrow.
Family values.

Next aisle over, I had to maneuver the stroller around and past a group of fellas having concession stand beers from flimsy plastic cups. They were discussing a recent hunting trip they had taken and from the sounds of it, were on their umpteenth gun show sponsored brewski.
Drink your Bud and show me the exit doors, please.

We left with no regrets of not having cruised up the down the remaining aisles of rifles, handguns, ammo, stocks, grips, hunting gear, camping gear, instructional videos, knives, and other gun related hardware.

Back at my car, I noticed that a brand new red GTO was parked to my right and a '69 yellow/black Z-28 Camaro was parked to my left.

I asked PK which one she liked better. She took a moment and said, "I want Daddy's car."

She's only 2 and a half...give her a break.

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