Friday, July 01, 2005

Strange night flying creature spotted

Sitting at my laptop, gazing out into the night air (I was wireless but indoors -- sure it was night but it was still 90 degrees outside), I spotted a strange night flying creature that I haven't seen since moving to my small town 3 months ago.

It hovered low, spun around a few times, then darted off into the horizon. The sight of it so startled me, that I had to stop and watch it's balletic movements in the star-filled Oklahoma sky.

My first helicopter sighting since I moved here. Hard to believe.

They seemed to be a nightly occurance back in the San Gabriel Valley. So common, you almost didn't hear them anymore.

Have to check the local paper this week. Will probably be the top story with the headline, "Helicopter buzzes night sky; citizens alarmed."

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