Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'll have mine with soy sauce, please

My small town is fortunate enough to have a combo KFC/Taco Bell.

I consider this the PB&J of fast food franchises. They do okay separately, but together they create a taste sensation.

Anyhow, spotted this sign for Tuesday's special.

I can't and won't comment since I eat a lot of stuff that S tells me smells like an aquarium.

Besides, that's a lot of culinary joy for a buck ninety-nine.


Anonymous said...

I'm there! That definitely sounds like good eats. I'm sure I won't like the gout attack I get right after eating it, but it sure sounds good.

OKDad said...

Don't think we'll get Michael F. to join us on this lunch excursion.

Unless they make tofu livers and textured soy protein gizzards, that is.