Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Watermelon seeds

It's watermelon season here in my small town, as I'm sure it is in many points north, south, east and west of us.

I was preparing our latest watermelon for consumption the way my mother always did -- cutting it into little bite-sized chunks, removing as many seeds as possible.
Labor intensive, yes. Tastes better, perhaps. Easier to consume in mass quantities, absolutely.

The girls, however, at this stage in their young lives, prefer to eat it "hippo-style." Right off the "bone." Just slice a piece off and hand it down, man.

This can get messy, however, and at this stage in my old "doing-laundry-every-day" life, I prefer they eat it with a napkin on their lap, and a fork in hand.

While de-seeding the slices of ruby red melon, C noticed the abundance of both black and white seeds. I commented how one can safely eat them, but it's probably better not too (holding back the temptation to retell the "watermelon plant growing out of your stomach tale" from my youth).

She then told me, "the black and white seeds are the same, just like black and white people."

Innocent, until corrupted by the outside world.

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