Monday, July 11, 2005

Roadkill of another kind

Driving home tonight from dinner with the in-laws, I noticed that the light showers the weather prognosticators had been predicting was actually commencing.

What keyed me into this was the familiar sound of raindrops hitting my car. Or were they?

Imagine my horror when after a second or two, I realized the sound my "cityfied senses" mistakenly perceived to be droplets of water from above, turned out to be swarms of bugs splattering against every inch of my poor defenseless cars turtle wax shine.

The onslaught of biblical proportions lasted several horrid miles, wherein my windshield wipers became nothing more than bulldozers of bug blood and guts.

Tomorrow, in the peaceful morning daylight, I'll survey the Sodom and Gomorrah that is my front grill, and may post a picture of it, if it can sneak by with an NC-17 rating. I doubt it will.

Which is why every small town in Oklahoma has a self-service car wash. Where, for only $.75 you can jet spray the carcasses of millions (yes, millions...may even be billions) of insectoidal creatures off of your cars violated finish.

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