Monday, July 04, 2005

YASTM - why?

S and I had a discusson the other night, during which the issue of this blog and the time I spend on it came up.

Could 15 to 20 minutes of thinking/typing be considered a waste of time when I have two girls to raise, a house to fix up, a classic cars to restore, laundry to fold, beds to make, dishes to load into the dishwater, summer activities for the girls to plan and a career wife to look out for? Perhaps.

I view this blog as a journal of sorts. A documentation of our lives in polarioid format, that enables the sparking of my creative writing synapses and offers a peek into my thinking and frame of mind at the time

Basically, if this journal survives me, I think S and the girls will be happy I did it.


Anonymous said...

I know I am glad you are doing it. It's a great read and your kids will like it one day. I like it now. -Em

Elvis McFatPants said...

There are alot of reasons that YATSM is a good thing

It lets the people that know and care about you know how you are doing.

What an incredible story told from such an unusual angle. We get to see a slice of Americana that the city folk would not normally get to see.

Kurt, with you being there and you being perceived as different because of your background and heritage you really make a small yet positive wake in other people's lives. Both you and the people in the town are changed as a result.

There's a movie in this somewhere later on down the road.