Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Small town sex scandal

The small town police department where my wife grew up is being severely downsized due to a sex scandal of major proportions -- well, for a small town at least.

Seems the clerk at the local Conoco convenience store was providing "full service" to some of the officers in uniform.

The thing that seems to be upsetting most of the townsfolk is that several of the officers were married, one had a pregnant wife at home, and that they were all on-duty at the time.

The Assistant Chief is an old family acquaintance (used to be a friend, but he's become somewhat of a jerk since becoming a cop, so he's been downgraded to acquaintance), so we're anxiously awaiting to see what the Federal investigation turns up.

Dig the name of the first officer to be fired...Mayberry. Wouldn't Andy and Barney be upset beyond words? And don't even get Aunt Bee started.

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