Friday, May 27, 2005

Circus and casseroles

Yesterday we celebrated C's last day of school for the year. Here in OK they get out early, and crank up again mid-August.

Her class practiced and performed a Circus act for the entire school.
C was a clown (even got to tell a joke - see below), a trained elephant, and a tightrope walker. She wanted to be a stilt walker since she owns and is relatively comfortable on a pair of stilts. She inherited this skill from her Mom (who can also ride a unicycle, juggle, and make the funniest faces).

Alas, this circus had not stilt walkers.

Afterwards, the school had a potluck picnic lunch. You've never seen so many casseroles in your life.

There were casseroles with meat, casseroles with veggies, casseroles with macaroni, casseroles with cheese, casseroles with breadcrumbs, casseroles with rice, casseroles with spuds, casseroles with saltine crackers, casseroles with fruit, casseroles, casseroles, casseroles!

I brought a baked ziti dish with Italian Sausage.
Made it myself.
From scratch even.
Really, really.
Okay it was a sorta like a casserole.
Okay, I had to substitute brawtwurst for Italian Sausage, since our local market doesn't stock or sell Italian Sausage.
I asked the butcher.

Here is C's clown joke:
Why is 6 afraid of 7?
Because 7 8 9.

Killed 'em in the gym. Had 'em rotfl.

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