Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Movie house goes dark

This was the local movie house.

One screen and one screen only, it had been continuously operating in town for quite awhile.

Then it meet Jesus. Literally.

Last year, the day before the film, "The Passion," was set to begin it's much anticipated run here, the theater caught fire and burned to the ground.

Luckily the fire was contained to the one structure and the entire east side of Main Street was spared. However, our Main street area lost it's only form of evening entertainment.

The local paper printed a somewhat controversial picture of the cinema structure fully engulfed in flames and smoke. Some readers claimed to have found a skeletal face emerging from the smoke in this one particular photo.

I have yet to see this photo, but it's high on my priority list. Next to digging the weeds up in my garden and getting my Master's degree in physics.

Big news this month was the pending construction of a new tri-plex that is scheduled to open by this fall. Not in the original location of course -- too small for a triple screen facility, and it's got the stigma of the smoky skull hanging over it.

The new movie theatre complex will be on Main Street, centrally located by a not-to-shabby pizza restaurant and greasy-spoon burger joint.


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