Monday, May 23, 2005

Deteriorating armadillos

I wonder why some roadkill seems to deteriorate faster than others.

When driving down lonely country roads, with not much to notice other than an occassional pickup truck to wave to, noticing the disintegration rate of roadkills can be a fun distraction.

You wouldn't think that armadillos would turn into a flattened pile of mush as fast as something softer and less armor plated like an opossum, or raccoon. However it's been my observation that they tend to "melt" into the road quicker than other types of roadkill.

Maybe they're favored more by the local turkey vultures over other roadkill varieties, and thus are scavenged into oblivion quicker. I hear vultures can be very picky when deciding which dead, rotting, and festering carcass to eat and then regurgitate for their young.

Well, time to make lunch for the girls. Bon apetit!


Dave said...

You are quickly becoming a road pizza connoisseur.

And that's a heck of a thing to follow up the Dodger Dog comment on the last post.

OKDad said...

Road pizza, hmm, that's a good analogy, since after a few weeks in the sun, exposed to the elements and various scavengers, that's exactly what even the largest of roadkill would resemble.

A large, deluxe festering sore of a pizza...with extra cheese.