Sunday, May 22, 2005

Redhawks vs. Stingers

Celebrated my Father-in-Law's 65th birthday last night with the family at the AAA ballpark in the city.

Some observations:

Our seats were 10 rows back, directly behind home plate - they were $10 a seat. The stadium is only a year or so old, and was very nice, modern, clean, with plenty of parking ($5)

No peanut vendors tossing bags 14 aisles over with the accuracy of a combat Marine sharpshooter. I actually had to get up out of my seat, and go to the concession stand to buy a bag of peanuts.

Not a single beach ball was blown up, tossed from the top section, and sacrificed for the enjoyment of the fans and torment of the stadium workers.

7th inning stretch. No "Take Me Out to the Ball game."
No " me some peanuts and cracker jack."
No "root, root, root for the home team."
Instead, a rotund girl sang "God Bless, America."

The stadium did have an interesting twist on the hot dog selection. This season only, they're offering several different styles of hot dogs from around the country. I could have ordered a Fenway Frank, a Dodger Dog, a Chicago Red Hot, a Cincinnati Cheese Coney or a Milwaukee Brat.

I was craving a Dodger dog and it was good, but not quite the same. Missed the "crank-em-on" onions and relish machines, and the buns weren't as steamed and soft as I like 'em. S tried the cheese coney, which had a strange chili flavored with chili powder, paprika, nutmeg, chocolate and cinnamon.

C got a $5 jumbo bag of cotton candy. Not nearly as moist tonight as under the big top, so she enjoyed it much more. Temps were in the high 90's when "play ball," blared from the speakers, but by the 7th inning stretch, it was a comfortable 84 degees..brrrr!

The Redhawks were routed by the Stingers from Salt Lake City, 9 - 1. Salt Lake is the AAA farm team for the Angels, so I was secretly rooting for them. Redhawks are the farm team for the Texas Rangers if anyone cared (not us).

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