Sunday, May 08, 2005

A small town Mother's Day

Spent Mother's Day brunch eating delectable vittles prepared by S for her Mom and Grandmother.

As the sun set, we decided to let the Kentucky Colonel do the cooking, and we grabbed a 12 piece meal, drove 7 minutes to the nearest lake, and dined waterside in the shade of a large tree.

The small lake was hosting about 4 small john boats. No one seemed to be catching much fish, but I'm not sure if that made all that much difference to the anglers. Nature and tranquility was the lead-in story at this event.

We watched the girls gather stones to try and skip off the choppy water. C spotted a turtle surface and dive back down into the safety of the shallows. The light breeze kept the bugs away, and we didn't have to swat one fly away from the Colonel's secret blend of 7 herbs and spices.

Spotted several colorful birds that I need to look up at to identify what they were.

Temp was hovering in the mid-70's by the time the sun started dipping towards the horizon. Round 8 p.m. we decided we had enough peace and quiet for the day and piled back into the car for the short drive home.

Highlight of the trip home was the large squashed bullfrog in the road. Looked fresh and would make a tasty Mother's Day meal for some scavenger.

Happy Mother's Day!

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