Monday, May 30, 2005

Our first small town wedding

The other night we sat on our side porch and voyeuristically observed a wedding at the church across the street.

Married couples have a bad habit of comparing their wedding to all others, and this was no exception.

Looked to be a standard wedding by local standards, however their selected mode of transportation for their church getaway was as unique as it was distinctly small town.

Behind the shiny silver and black Dodge 2500 Ram pickup, was a flatbed trailer, onto which sat two barcalounger chairs (of questionable age and condition), several rows of hay bales draped in white sheets, with beer cans strung about the perimeter in long, dangling streams of silver, red, and gold.

A large hand painted banner stating, "Just hitched!" hung from the tail of the tailgate.

Exiting the church, the wedding party (7 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, bride and groom) climbed aboard the flatbed and proceeded to make a slow cruise up and down main street to the celebratory honks of passing pickups and Lincoln Town Cars.

Neither the bride nor the groom wore wedding cowboy hats.

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