Tuesday, May 24, 2005

On safari in Oklahoma

The other night we attended a nightime safari courtesy of S' new job and the Little River Zoo in Norman.

After a satisfying meal of fried chicken and assorted salads, round about dusk the attentive staff handed out complimentary flashlights and we ventured out into the "jungle" with 15 other intrepid souls and several tour guides.

It was quite an interesting tour, very informative, and kinda fun walking in the darkness, only to stumble upon animals in caged/natural environments. For a little zoo, they had a great collection of animals.

Among other things, we got to:
... howl with the coyotes (who knew that they'd respond to homo sapien howlings)

...shine our little flashlights into the eyes of a sloth the size of an NFL Linebacker

...rouse a pair of brown bears from their blissful slumber

...watch a lynx attach a feather duster

...tickle the chin of a porcupine, to which C posed the question to the group leader, "how do they get the pork out of a porcupine?"

Skunks strutting, armadillos armoring, peacocking cocking, pythons flexing, dragons hissing, wolves panting, kangaroos feeding, and humans sweating (85 degrees and 85% humidity at 8:50 p.m.---uggh), were all just a small part of the evenings adventure.

Best part of the evening for the girls - getting to keep the flashlights.

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