Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Smoked Meat Sale

The scrolling lighted sign at the local bank in town currently flashes the following text:

MAY 21

Now, I know that any local or long time resident of my small town probably knows exactly what this disjointed and slightly random series of words mean. I however, had to investigate.

Apparently, a popular means of raising money for church activities out here is to hold smoked meat sales. Smoked, as in, taking raw meat, seasoning it, then "cooking" it in a smoker.

Ribs are $20
Half rack are $10
Sausage - $15
Chicken - $7.50
Wild Turkey (not the 'shine, but Ben Franklin's choice for our national symbol) - $15

The nice lady at the Nazarene I spoke to felt it prudent to "get my order in early, cuz we sell out every year."

I love sausage, smoked or otherwise.

The Nazarene lady informed me that "folks in town love our sausage too." That made me feel downright at home.

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