Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Wheat harvest and the pests that come with it

People have been telling me about all the niceties that accompany the annual wheat harvest here in our small town. Here's what we have to look forward to in the coming weeks.
  • Wheat bugs (least that's what the locals call them). Near as I can gather they are small, plentiful, black, and oh yeah, they'll bite.


  • Dirt, dust, and everything else that a combine can muster up from the harvested ground. Airborne and headed straight for my eyes, nose, and other open bodily orifices.


  • Expected traffic congestion on the roads as combines make their way from field to field, farm to farm, taking up both lanes, and most of the shoulders.


  • Field mice scampering out of the acres and acres of waving whaeat, directly into the dumpters, cellars, attics, and abandoned car seats of our small town.


    OKDad said...

    Ahh yes, the toasted mouse with butter and singed hair. Power breakfast for the hard stomached farm hand.

    I recall the anecdote, but I don't recall if you ever told S about it.

    What ever happened to that toaster?

    OKDad said...

    Such a waste of what was, other than one toasted varmit, a relatively new home appliance.

    Tammy Wilson said...

    Now that you've been through a couple of them, are they any better or worse? I hate harvest. HATE it. My friend that runs an implement dealership has to leave for a week of heavy beer drinking every year after to recuperate from the sheer idiocy of it all.