Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Running to Errands

Yesterday, I picked C up from school in the car. She inquired why, since we usually walk to and from school.

I told her I had some errands to run.

She complained immediately and resolutely.

I ask why she doesn't like doing errands.

She retorted, "I've been to Errands house and it's not very fun."

She has no friend named Aaron [Errand], nor do we really know anyone named Aaron. I think her mind was reaching for something to monku about, and that just popped right out.

C's not the only one who complains about running errands. My car hates it too. Since our town is all of 2 street lights and about 10 blocks, my cars 4-banger never really gets to warm up properly. Not very healthy behavior for an internal combustion engine. Course, after 7.5 years of driving in stop-n-go traffic and playing chase-the-green on city streets, this might be a much needed respite for my litle ricer.

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