Friday, July 15, 2005


Took C for her first every foray into the universe of the recreational bowler.

She has a hard foam rubber bowling set at home that she loves to play with and wanted to try the real deal.

I found a cool old 24-lane alley on old Route 66 that was still in business to take her to.

Here is her scorecard:

Not too shabby, I think. But I was never a bowler. Didn't have things like gutter bumpers and 4-legged chrome rail rollers when I was a kid bowler. For the second and third games she pushed the rail roller aside and "toilet bowled."

Her scores reflect this, but she felt better knowing it was just her and the gutter bumpers making the points.

Favorite comment that she made that day was, "if only I could have three balls instead of two, I could get them all down."

How many bowlers have thought the exact same thing? Plenty, I think.


Kenn said...

We had a team building exercise, which involved all of us strategy people going bowling. Kyle was on the “big guy” team. His behavior would have made your five year old seem like the older of the two. He never let’s up… and it can be brutal… fun but brutal

OKDad said...

Kyle is a daddy, which gives him carte blanche to act in any way he wants.

The sillier the better, I say.