Sunday, May 01, 2005

Waving to total strangers

When driving down a country road, you wave to any approaching driver, regadless of race, creed, religion, pick up truck model, or tractor choice (John Deere green, International Harvester red).

This is the etiquette.

Yesterday, I waved to Ford, Chevy, Nissan, and Toyota pickup trucks.

It was a banner day, since I also waved to both a John Deere and an International Harvester.

You thought the rivalry between the Bloods and the Crips was bad, you don't want to be around when these old farm boyz start talking cr*p about each others choice in tractors, lawm mowers, etc.


Anonymous said...

So, how about the rivalry between Makita and DeWalt. Is it alive and well out there?

As my favorite art director used say, "No teal tools allowed on my set!" which often came with remarks regarding the girliness of the color "Teal" in general.

You can imagine her preference in high priced cordless power tools :-)

OKDad said...

Out here it's Milwaukee Tools all the way. DeWalt is for guys who make a living doing construction. Farmers, ranchers, and garage monkeys in general, all get Milwaukee if they can afford it.

Course, we have (gulp) Harbor Freight out here as well. And, this being Oklahoma -- the heartland of America, Sears IS where America shops.

re: girliness on sets -- how many Boom operators did you know who used those bungee-ish, ponytail holder, hair bobs with the big, brightly colored plastic balls, to attach the wrapped mic cable to their belt loops?

On a more personal note, my then girlfriend (now my wife) dyed her Gaffer's ditty bag hot pink, just to make a point and to ensure that no Grip or Juicer would make off with it by "mistake."

Tammy Wilson said...

My husband won't even purchase a green tractor for our boy child to play with - it's that serious, lol.